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5 Juicing Tips to Make You a Smooth Operator Updated for 2024

Juicing can be an easy way to integrate more fruits, vegetables, and overall nutrition into your life. Juicing can also be fun and can give you a new hobby to work on with your friends and family. However, the juicing journey can be a pain if you don’t know your way around a juicer. To avoid the headaches and get the most from your experience, follow these tips.

Pick Your Produce Wisely

Picking produce that is on sale, organic, and super fresh can help you get the best flavors and highest nutritional content at the best prices. You should also consider your tastes when picking produce. If you don’t like cabbage whole, you may not like it juiced.  It can be fun to experiment, because juices can sometimes mask the flavors, but don’t break the bank to do it.

Taste Your Juice

Tasting your juice as you make it can save you money. Some fruits and vegetables taste a little different when they are in the high concentrations that juicing produces, so you should taste the juice again and again to make sure it is coming out the way you like.

Keep the Motor Running After You Juice

You may be surprised at the quantity of juice that comes out from the juicer after you are finished. Juicers often have compartments inside that juice may need to be blasted out of even after the last piece of pulp has dropped. Don’t shortchange yourself.

Juice Soft Foods Last

Soft fruits and vegetables such as pineapples, kiwi, and some leafy greens may clog screens on centrifugal juicers, so these foods should be juiced last. Juicing soft foods and then continuing to juice other foods with a clogged screen can rob you of juice.

Clean the Juicer Immediately

Juicers get very dirty while you are juicing. Once the pulp and debris dries, juicers can be extremely difficult to clean and may not ever look or function the same way. Save yourself money and the possible hassle of having to replace your juicer by cleaning it immediately after use.

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